Practical Mindset – MHW Online Support Sessions

The wellbeing of our school community has always been paramount at Hamilton Grammar School. To offer support to our young people and their families we are working in partnership with Jill Trevena and her team at Practical Mindset Ltd.  Jill is a registered Occupational Therapist and works with her colleagues to support young people and their families, in the Lanarkshire area, who may be facing difficulties with their Physical and Mental Health & Wellbeing. Jill and her team apply practical approaches to promote positive mental wellbeing with the aim of proactive self-management.

At Hamilton Grammar, we are committed to providing wellbeing support for our pupils, parents and staff. We understand that during these uncertain times, that it is more important than ever to ensure that we provide ongoing wellbeing support to our school community.

Pupils, parents and carers will be able to access 6 recorded online ‘Practical Mindset’ sessions via our ‘HGS Mental Health Matters (S1-S3) and (S4-S6) Google Classrooms. Class joining codes will be posted on each Year Group general Google Classroom page. Pupils will also be able to access various resources to support their MHW within this area.

Welcome from Jill Trevena

The 6 Practical Mindset MHW Sessions and the dates on which they will be available are as follows:

Session 1 – Self-talk and how our mind works  Immediately
Session 2 – Dealing with your Emotions Monday 6th July 2020
Session 3 – Stress Management Part 1 Monday 13th July 2020
Session 4 – Stress Management Part 2 Monday 20th July 2020
Session 5 – Nurturing Positivity Monday 27th July 2020
Session 6 – Hopes, Dreams and Goals Monday 3rd August 2020

** The Practical Mindset reflection logbook and summary sheets are available immediately along with other recommended supports. All sessions can be revisited and accessed at any point throughout the year. **

Pupils are encouraged to complete and discuss these sessions, along with their parents or carers, and use the logbooks to reflect and evaluate their mood and stress levels.

Jill will also be available via her social media platforms for questions from both pupils and parents or carers. To contact Jill, please visit her website for further information.

Jill and the Practical Mindset team support various local school communities and have always received positive feedback from pupils, parents and carers and schools she has worked with.  We are delighted that we are able to work in partnership with Jill and her team to provide MHW supports for our HGS school community.

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Information for Parents – August Update

Following on from the executive director’s letter last week please find our outline plan for next session.

Information for Parents – August Update

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Google classroom update for parents of our new S2 and S3 pupils.

According to our school calendar, the next two days would have been our annual activity days.

With this in mind there will be no new work posted on the S2 and S3 google classrooms. Instead we have posted some ‘virtual activity day’ ideas to provide pupils with something a bit different, to spark their interest.

We hope they enjoy them.

Mrs Cassidy, Mrs Goring and Mrs Brien

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Message from our Parent Council to all P7 Parents

On behalf of the our Parent Council welcome to Hamilton Grammar School!
We know many of you have been involved in your primary school parent
council over the past few years or more . . . Can we please ask that you
really do consider continuing your parent council journey here at
Hamilton Grammar? We do need new members with fresh ideas to join us
more than ever before, because the majority of our current members are
all parents of our senior school (ie S5 & S6) We really need parent
representation from our new families joining us.

Hopefully we get to meet a good number of you at our 1st meeting in the
new term which will be our AGM which is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd
September 2020 at 6.30pm and usually held in the school. However, with
current climate this may well be held via ZOOM. This information will be
updated on the Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds which are detailed within
our attached information leaflet.

Until then STAY SAFE and we look forward to meeting you in the new term
H Battersby-Sword
HGS PC Secretary

HGS PC P7-S1 ParentInfo Leaflet

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Letter from Executive Director of Education – 16/6/2020

Please find the latest letter below from the Executive Director of Education, Tony McDaid:

16.6.2020 Parent Carer Letter

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Secondary Pupil Survey

Dear S1-S5 

Secondary Pupil Survey

Can you help and have your say? South Lanarkshire Council is keen to find out about your experience of lockdown and asks your views about schools returning, to help us plan and meet your needs. We enclose an anonymous short survey to get your views. Please can you complete this by June 15th?

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SLC Transport Survey

SLC is keen to hear your thoughts on mainstream school transport solutions for August. Please click on the link to complete the questionnaire below and help inform the recovery planning process.

There will be a separate questionnaire for ASN transport.

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Hamilton Grammar School P7 Parent Transition Letter

Dear parents and carers of all P7 pupil starting with us in August,

We hope your children enjoyed ‘meeting’ some of the HGS staff and completing the tasks they had prepared for them last month.  This information, along with the P7 Primary Handbook can be found under the P7 Transition Tab on our website.

When your children visit this week (Monday 15th June – Friday 19th June), they will have an assembly in the Octagon where they will meet Mrs Goring, Miss Brien, Mr Franklin (Support for Learning ), Pupil Support staff and other support staff.  They will get a tour of the school and a chance to ask questions about starting in S1.

Class lists were issued on Friday 12th June through Primary Google Classroom/e-mail/letter.

Please note there will be some temporary changes to this when the pupils come to school in August, to comply with the Government conditions of social distancing in classrooms.

We have eight classes and each one is linked to a PT Pupil Support who will support your children throughout their time at HGS and especially settling into S1.

1A1        Mrs Buchanan

1A2        Mrs Buchanan

1B1         Mrs Sanderson

1L1         Miss Morton

1H1        Miss McKenzie

1H2        Mrs Arrenberg

1S1         Mrs Costello

1T1         Mr Dyett

All year groups wear school uniform and this includes a HGS blazer.  Please see P7 Handbook for details.  Uniform can be ordered online from our school supplier Scotcrest ( and further details are on their website.  If you encounter difficulties ordering online, please contact Mrs Goring and Miss Brien via the school office.

Our Parent Council are looking for new members and this is a great way to be involved at HGS.  They are actively involved in school life and also  link with our Pupil Council.  Please see the post from the Parent Council on our website and under the P7 Transition Tab.

Full details of our return to school plans and arrangements will be made available as soon as they are finalised.

Yours sincerely.

Mrs Goring and Miss Brien

S1 Year Head

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Hamilton Grammar School House System

In session 2020-21 Hamilton Grammar pupils will be re-organised into 6 house groups instead of 3. We have always believed that house ethos is important in fostering a sense of belonging for our young people and we have encouraged this through initiatives such as our prefect and buddy systems, and inter-house competitions.

We hope that having smaller house groups will allow us to strengthen this sense of belonging by making these initiatives more effective and by being able to have events, such as assemblies, which can include all the members of the house group (once social distancing arrangements allow!)

The vast majority of pupils will remain with the same pupil support teacher, however we do intend to organise the house groups so that they are balanced in size and that siblings are in the same house group as each other. We will communicate with pupils and parents about any changes that result from this as we undertake this work.

In order to avoid confusion all pupils will remain attached to their current class groups for the time being, until any special arrangements are over. The exception to this will be our new S1’s, who will be assigned to classes based on the new system.

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Big White Wall

At Hamilton Grammar School our Mental Health & Wellbeing matters and we promote a stigma free environment.

Big White Wall is an online support platform for anyone requiring support when they are facing challenges with their mental health and wellbeing. It is FREE resource which is available to all 16-19 year olds in South Lanarkshire.

The online service offers complete anonymity and a safe space to get things off your chest, explore your feelings, get creative and learn how to self-manage your mental health and wellbeing. Whether struggling to sleep, feeling low, stressed or unable to cope, Big White Wall can help young people get support, take control and feel better.

To access Big White Wall, you can register for Free by providing your postcode and date of birth on the website link :-

Once registered young people will have access to the 24/7 online global community which offers:-

  • A stigma free and safe environment to express how they are feeling.
  • Online anonymous support from other members of the BWW community (peer support, 1-1 and BWW mental health professional support).
  • Access and sign-posting to resources to support positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Courses to learn how to maintain positive wellbeing and self-manage aspects of mental health and wellbeing.
  • 24/7 Online support from trained counsellors who act as moderators to ensure a safe environment and who can intervene if a user is at high risk.

**If you are under 16 years old and would like more information about mental health, please contact your Pupil Support teacher or speak to a trusted adult.**

Big White Wall (BWW) offers:-

Community: – Clinically moderated, anonymous online forums. Design tool to enable the creative expression of difficult emotions. Moderated 24/7 by trained practitioners who keep members safe, and facilitate the process of people helping people in an online environment

Courses: – Quality self-help courses on promoting positive mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. Share course progress with the community in specific online forums.

Resources . Library of useful articles and resources, plus helpful tests and features to self-reflect and track progress.

200 000+ young people from an education setting have accessed the BWW. 70% of members join for immediate access, 55% of members feel less isolated, 64% of members access BWW out of hours.

Please click on the link below for a step by step guide on how to sign up:

BWW – Step By Step Guide to Registering to BWW (HGS)

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