S3 Parents’ Evening

Thank you to all our parents and pupils who attended our S3 Parents’ Evening last night. It was great to see and have the chance to discuss progress with so many of you. Furthermore. it was especially nice to receive so many positive comments about the staff and the school during the evening. Rest assured we will continue to work in partnership with you to try and achieve the best posible outcomes for our youngsters.

Similarly, if you raised any concerns then these will be passed on and shared with the relevant colleagues this morning and you should hear back from us in due course. 

In the meantime, we would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete our S3 Parental Questionnaire:

S3 Parental Questionaire

Please remember the that pupils will have an options interview with their Pupil Support Teacher next week who will discuss their option choices for next year and either enter them into the system or advise the pupil to come home to discuss their options further at home.  All forms should be returned to the school by Friday 24th January to allow them to be included in the timetabling process.  Any late options increase the risk of the school being unable to fulfil pupil option requests.

Colin MacLeod
Depute Head Teacher
S3 Year Head

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