Home Learning Schedule

On Thursday the Head Teacher’s April Update explained that there would be a Home Learning Schedule shared fortnightly on a Sunday.  This will be shared here:

Link to a PowerPoint – new smaller version attached.

as well as on the S1 and S2 Google Classrooms and is intended for use by all mainstream pupils.  Supported Learning Department pupils should continue to follow their individualised schedule of work.

Along with this document, there will be a pupil logbook for pupils to fill in as you complete your work.

updated with a smaller file size – 28/4/20 to a Microsoft Word Document – Download this file to complete it and send it to your year head.


This should provide more guidance and help families know what tasks should be undertaken in any two-week period.  You will also see the days, during the two weeks, that each subject will be posting work into their classrooms.

Pupils will continue to be asked to login to their teacher’s google classroom on the correct day and you will get access to the work. Pupils will also receive feedback from their teacher there too.

Once pupils have completed their work and recorded their progress.  They are asked to submit their progress and comments in their completed logbook to their Year Head through their Year Group Google Classroom.

We are hoping to share some of the best examples of the completed logbooks and to let everyone see how well you are all doing.

A pupil version of this message will be shared to pupil via their S1 and S2 Google Classrooms.

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