Hamilton Grammar School House System

In session 2020-21 Hamilton Grammar pupils will be re-organised into 6 house groups instead of 3. We have always believed that house ethos is important in fostering a sense of belonging for our young people and we have encouraged this through initiatives such as our prefect and buddy systems, and inter-house competitions.

We hope that having smaller house groups will allow us to strengthen this sense of belonging by making these initiatives more effective and by being able to have events, such as assemblies, which can include all the members of the house group (once social distancing arrangements allow!)

The vast majority of pupils will remain with the same pupil support teacher, however we do intend to organise the house groups so that they are balanced in size and that siblings are in the same house group as each other. We will communicate with pupils and parents about any changes that result from this as we undertake this work.

In order to avoid confusion all pupils will remain attached to their current class groups for the time being, until any special arrangements are over. The exception to this will be our new S1’s, who will be assigned to classes based on the new system.

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