Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021.This year’s theme is Express Yourself.

SLC Education Resources are working in partnership with HeadStrong Scotland to create mental health and wellbeing video sessions to support the needs of learners and their parents/ carers 


SLC Parents, Carers & Families Mental health Session – YouTube

With a focus on teaching coping strategies, this video – designed for an audience of parents and carers – educates adults about mental health and how to understand their child’s emotions and behaviour better in these difficult circumstances. 


Wednesday 3rd February at 6.30pm (access the live session by clicking the link below)

 SLC Family Mental Health Session – YouTube

Designed to be responsive to the needs of our families during remote learning and lockdown, HeadStrong discusses the practical coping strategies required to support everyone in the household. This session – though designed for parents and carers – is suited for whole family viewing. 

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