English Text Collection

Calling all parents of senior pupils, or former pupils.
The English Department would like encourage the reuse of old texts which may no longer be required by pupils after they have finished their course and/or exams.
This will hopefully provide a bank of books that can be used by pupils the following year. For example, if your S5 child bought a copy of Romeo and Juliet last session it can be reused this session. There is a box in the school office where books can be handed in.
Thanks in advance!

SQA Post Results Service

As the name implies, this service runs after candidates have received their certificates. If the school is concerned by a candidate’s result, we can request a clerical check and/or a marking review of the exam paper. There is no consideration given to alternative evidence in this service. We cannot submit alternative evidence of candidate performance to justify any concerns and no such evidence will be considered by SQA in making a determination. The check/review can lead to a change of grade either up or down.

The timeline of events that we must adhere to can be found here. Please contact Mr Heeps if you have any further questions regarding this service.

School Photographs

S1, S3, S5 and S6 Pupils will have their photographs taken on Thursday 31st  August 2017.

Pupils should go to the Octagon for their individual photographs at the following times:

1B1 – 8.50 1D3 – 10.10 3D2– 12.00 5D3 – 14.20
1B2 – 8.50 3B1– 10.10 5B1 – 12.00 6B1– 14.20
1B3 – 9.10 3B2 – 10.30 5B2 – 12.20 6B2– 14.40
1C1 – 9.10 3B3– 10.30 5B3 – 12.20 6C1 – 14.40
1C2 – 9.30 3C1 – 10.50 5C1 – 12.40 6C2 – 15.00
1C3 – 9.30 3C2 – 10.50 5C2 – 12.40 6D1 – 15.00
1D1 – 9.50 3C3 – 11.35 5D1 – 14.00 6D2– 15.15
1D2 – 9.50 3D1– 11.35 5D2– 14.00 6D4 – 15.15
1B4 – 11.30 3B4 – 11.30 5B4 – 13.00

Pupils are reminded that they should wear school dress code for their photograph, white shirt, school tie and blazer.

Senior pupils without blazers will not be allowed to join the group photograph. Black jumpers should be removed for the group photographs.

S5 and S6 Group Photographs will be taken in the Octagon

S5 Group Photograph: 8.55am

S6 Group Photograph: 9.30am

Study Support Programmes

Prelim Supported Study

With the prelims fast approaching after the festive break, have a look at the study support timetable to keep abreast of where and when extra help can be found. Supported Study starts week beginning 20th November.

Supported Study Prelim Master Timetable


Friday Catch-Up Study Support

Over the next 10 weeks, HGS will offer a programme of supported study for pupils on a Friday Afternoon between 1.3- -2.30. Any pupil (all year groups welcome) who would like to attend should click on the link below for details of which subjects are on offer and where to find them each week.

Optional Friday Study Classes weekly programme

Information on this programme is also available on the Study Support noticeboard opposite A001.

For any pupils looking for further information, please speak to Mr. Brogan.

Study Support Programmes and Initiatives – What are they and how can I get involved?

Click on the link below to find out more about all the programmes on offer this year.

Study Support Programmes


In session 2017/2018, Hamilton Grammar will offer a number of programmes that will support pupils in the their studies outside of the classroom. Click on the link below for a look at the provisional calendar of dates and programmes.

Study Support Calendar

Re-Coursing Day Information

Re-coursing day for anyone wishing to change their options for next term takes place on Monday 14th August. Pupils were issued with appointments during their induction and should arrive promptly to ensure smooth running on the day.

If you don’t need your appointment please contact the school office on 01698-285777 and cancel the appointment.

When you arrive at the school, office staff will direct you to where re-coursing is taking place.