Dress Differently, Support Local Foodbanks

On Friday 24th November HGS will be having its first collection for the Hamilton District Foodbank. The foodbank is a vital lifeline to families living in poverty in the Hamilton area. Every day they provide food packages to families who are unable to buy food for a variety of reasons.

In the run up to Christmas the foodbank needs our help more than ever. The nice things that we take for granted over the holidays, many people do not have.

We are having a Dress Differently Day in which instead of paying £1 you bring items of food to donate to the foodbank. There will be posters displayed around the school showing the items in most need. The list is available here.

This will also be a house competition with points being awarded to the house which collects the most food, so brighten up your uniform using your house colour (Brandon – Red, Clyde – Blue, Douglas – yellow) or go wild and come to school completely dressed in that colour and show your support for your local community and your school house.

HGS could really make a huge difference to our community this Christmas!