S2 Parents’ Evening – Technical Issues

The S2 Parents Evening Booking System experienced a technical issue last night preventing all parents from being able to make bookings.  This was resolved this morning and the booking system has now gone live.

A tweet and text message have also been sent alerting parents/carers that they can now make bookings.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

S2 Parent’s Evening and Learner Pathways

All second year pupils received two important pieces of information at PLP this week.  A letter outlining how to make parents night appointments for the S2 Parent’s Night on Wednesday 5th December and the S2 into S3 Learning Pathways form where pupils will be asked to identify the subjects that they would like to take forward into S3.

The learner pathway guide for S2 to S3 can be found under the “Information for Parents and Pupils –> Learner Pathways Information” menu.