Covid-19 Pupil Rules

The rules listed below should be followed by all pupils at HGS.

  1. Entering the Building
  • All pupils must wear a face covering when entering the building and sanitise hands.
  1. Corridors
  • Pupils must follow the one-way system when moving around the building.
  • All pupils must be wearing a face covering when moving between classes.
  1. Entering/Leaving Classrooms
  • All pupils must be wearing a face mask when entering a classroom.
  • Senior pupils must keep the face mask on for the duration of the class.
  • Pupils must use the hand sanitiser before the start of the class.
  • Pupils must always sit in the designated seat in the classroom seating plan.
  • At the end of the class each desk should be sprayed and wiped.
  • Pupils must be seated and wearing a face mask before they are given permission to leave the room by the class teacher.
  1. Lunch
  • Pupils who remain in the building at lunch time will have between 1.10pm and 1.30pm to eat lunch without the wearing of a face mask in the designated year group areas.
  • At 1.30pm all pupils in the building must be wearing a face mask.
  • All pupils must remain within the designated year group area. The only reason to be out-with this area is to access toilets or the Octagon.
  1. Octagon
  • Entry to the Octagon will only be granted to pupils with a face covering or an exemption card.
  • Face coverings must remain on throughout the time spent in the Octagon including standing in the queue and when leaving.
  1. Social Distancing
  • Pupils must maintain a social distance of 2 metres from their fellow pupils as much as possible.
  • Pupils should not touch or hug each other.
  • Pupils should not share food or drink.
  1. Community / Indoors
  • Pupils must also wear face masks when travelling on public transport, in shops, supermarkets and shopping centres.