ASN Provision

Specialist Additional Support Needs Provision (ASN Department)

Hamilton Grammar School is host to a specialist ASN provision. Pupils are offered places in this provision through the ASN placement process, managed by Inclusion Services, which seeks to identify the most appropriate placements for children and young people with additional support needs in South Lanarkshire.

The ASN Department. It provides a supportive, structured learning environment giving access to a broad and balanced curriculum, but with emphasis on addressing the particular educational and social implications of each child’s additional support needs.

Pupils in the ASN Department generally follow a curriculum in which a variety of approaches are used, including small classes (maximum 10 pupils), small group and individual work. Children who are able to will access parts of the mainstream curriculum in Hamilton Grammar, where this would be beneficial to their learning and social inclusion. This takes place with appropriate support. Regular review meetings for all pupils will help to identify these opportunities and monitor their progress. The pupils also have access to all whole school activities and opportunities where appropriate, including extra-curricular events, the School House System and Merit Award schemes.

The provision is lead and managed by a Depute Head Teacher (Mr J Mackay) alongside 2 Principal Teachers (Mrs M Colbourne (Acting) and Mr A Paul).  The provision works closely with other agencies, including Physiotherapists, Educational Psychologists, and Speech and Language Therapists, where this involvement supports the young person’s ability to access all opportunities within Hamilton Grammar School and their transition to life beyond school.

Teaching Staff

Mr. J. Mackay (Depute Head Teacher)

Mr. A. Paul (Principal Teacher)

Mrs. M. Colbourne (Acting Principal Teacher)

Mr. S. Boyd

Mrs. G. Buchanan

Mrs. N. Love

Mr. M. Campbell

Mrs. S Pratt

Mrs. F. Sinton