Computing Science

In an increasingly IT-orientated society, our Computing Science department aims to help our pupils communicate with others through the use of word-processing, multi-media presentation, e-mail and the world-wide web. In so doing, the pupils undertake a range of personal projects such as developing desktop published newspapers / magazines and writing their own web pages.

As computing is not only about communicating with others but also about problem-solving, we encourage our pupils to develop essential skills in core business applications and acquire the problem-solving skills to develop and implement programs where dedicated solutions do not exist. Through applying the software development cycle, they learn to work independently and in teams to research, discuss and develop solutions.

Courses On Offer:

  • S1/2 CfE Broad General Education
  • S3 ICT with Computing
  • National 4 Computer Science
  • National 5 Computer Science
  • Higher Computing Science
  • Advanced Higher Computing Science

Staff members:

  • Mr I Arthur, Principal Teacher Learning and Teaching
  • Mr C MacLeod, Depute Head Teacher
  • Mr S Rose
  • Mr S Johnstone