Our English department believes that our pupils should be presented with a wide range of language experiences, whether it is reading, listening, discussing or writing. In these contexts, our pupils are encouraged to develop their personal language skills. Importantly, our pupils are given the opportunity to freely research and discuss current issues.

In addition to this, our pupils are exposed to a wide range of literature, both traditional and modern, through short stories, novels, drama and poetry.

Courses On Offer:

  • S1/2/3 Cfe Broad General Education
  • National 4 English
  • National 5 English
  • Higher English
  • Advanced Higher English

The recommended reading lists for S4-S6 Senior Phase are now available, click here to download a copy.

Staff members:

  • Mr G Dunsmore, Principal Teacher Learning and Teaching
  • Mr A Adam
  • Mr R Ali
  • Ms J Byrne
  • Mr J Connolly
  • Miss M Little
  • Mr S MacLean
  • Mr C Martin
  • Mr C Rocks
  • Mrs R Weir