Modern Languages

Our Modern Languages department offer pupils the opportunity to experience life in other European countries not merely through the learning of a variety of European Languages but through the celebration of some of the many European festivals.

At a time when foreign travel features in the lives of many, our Modern Languages department aims to help our pupils appreciate the differing cultures and lifestyles of our European neighbours as well as opportunity to develop the ability to communicate in a range of European languages, in particular French and Spanish.

Courses On Offer

  • S1/2/3 Broad General Education
  • National 4 French
  • National 5 French
  • Higher French
  • National 4 Spanish
  • National 5 Spanish
  • Higher Spanish
  • Languages at work

Whenever possible, our Modern Languages staff ensure that our pupils’ learning experiences are not confined to the classroom. As a result, several extra-classroom activities include:

  • P7 French Lunch
  • Cinema outings
  • Restaurant outings
  • Lunchtime supported study clubs
  • French breakfast
  • European Day
  • University Day

Staff members

  • Miss J Chen
  • Miss S Cochrane
  • Mrs J McMillan
  • Mrs F Sinclair