As one would expect, our Maths department not only aims to develop the numeracy skills of our pupils but also helps them to appreciate the part that maths plays in their everyday life and to enjoy its challenges.

Courses on offer

  • S1/2/3 CfE Broad General Education
  • Foundation Certificate in Personal Finance (FCPE)
  • National 4 Mathematics
  • National 5 Mathematics
  • Higher Mathematics
  • Advanced Higher Mathematics

Staff members:

  • Mrs C Cowie, Principal Teacher Learning and Teaching
  • Mr J MacKay, Depute Head Teacher
  • Mrs A Goring, Principal Teacher Pupil Support
  • Mrs C Brown
  • Mr D Brown
  • Mr S Currie
  • Ms H Kennedy
  • Mr B Kerr
  • Mr D McKenzie
  • Ms A Paton
  • Mr A Sinclair