The Drama course is designed to provide opportunities for pupils to develop skills in creating and presenting drama. The course focuses on the development of drama skills and on using production skills to present drama.

The course also involve a large project which will be a presentation of a scripted extract/play where pupils shall either take on an acting or production role. As pupils develop practical skills in creating and presenting drama, they will also develop knowledge and understanding of cultural and social influences on drama.

Courses On Offer:

  • S1/2/3 CfE Broad General Education
  • National 4 Drama
  • National 5 Drama
  • Higher Drama
  • Advanced Higher Drama

Staff members:

  • Mrs T Arrenberg, Principal Teacher Pupil Support
  • Miss A Allan
  • Miss S Burns
  • Mrs J Houston
  • Mrs A Scaramuzzi
  • Miss S Semple