Friday Supported Study

We are in the process of collating Supported Study information for National 5 and Higher classes, signup will be available using the 2 links below from Monday 29th January; once you have signed up please see Miss Doyle in A209 for a lunch token. Please remember you can only sign up for 1 Friday session per week, however departments may be offering extra sessions.

Click the link to view the Friday timetable for week 8 (23rd March)


You are now required to sign into your school Google Account to signup for supported study. Your e-mail address is your Glow username followed by e.g. Please see Mr Casey if you’re having trouble signing in.

Information on this programme is also available on the Study Support noticeboard opposite A001.

For any pupils looking for further information, please speak to Miss Doyle.

Study Support Programmes and Initiatives – What are they and how can I get involved?

Click on the link below to find out more about all the programmes on offer this year.

Study Support Programmes

In session 2017/2018, Hamilton Grammar will offer a number of programmes that will support pupils in the their studies outside of the classroom. Click on the link below for a look at the provisional calendar of dates and programmes.

Study Support Calendar