Learner Pathways Information

The school caters for pupil’s individual pathways in a number of ways and at a number of stages throughout a pupil’s school career.  These main transitions are at the end of the BGE where pupils are provided with an opportunity for specialisation and choice from S2 into S3 whilst maintaining the broad spectrum of curricular areas.  This is then refined into the subjects that pupils select for their national qualifications in S4 and beyond.  At the appropriate juncture the school offers Gradu8 College courses, Foundation Apprenticeships and support for progression into college, university and the world of work in conjunction with our Skills Development Scotland (SDS) partners.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic the timescales for these processes may shift from those of previous years as we adapt to latest Scottish Government and South Lanarkshire Council advice.  Regardless, our top priority is to maintain the highest quality of educational provision for our young people.

S2 into S3 Learner Pathways

The information for the S2 into S3 options process for pupils, parents and carers can be found in the S2 Hamilton Grammar School Google Classroom.  Pupils are asked to complete the Google Form providing their S3 Options Choices by
Friday 29th January 2021.

A copy of the support information for pupils, parents and carers is supplied below where appropriate.

01. S3 Pathways letter

02. S2 into S3 Learning Pathways Booklet Jan 2021

03. S2 into S3 Wider Achievement Electives Jan 2021

04. S2 into S3 Pupil Options Sheet Jan 2021

05. Google Form for submission of choices (available to pupils via the S2 Hamilton Grammar School Google Classroom.)

06. Video support outlining the process (link available via the S2 Hamilton Grammar School Google Classroom)