School Library

RM-Books-LogoOur school library is staffed on a Monday and is also used regularly by staff from the English Department.

Pupils who are keen to read out of school also have access to our free eBooks library provided through RM Books, accessed through Glow. Further information about how to log into RM Books will be available here in the new term.  Some of the books available are listed below.

Actually Factually
- Guy Campbell Life Sucks
- Anne Rooney
- Dee Phillips Matilda -
Roald Dahl
Cuts Deep
- Catherine Johnson Paper Towns -
John Green
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Book 1) -
Jeff Kinney PIG and the Fancy Pants -
Barbara Catchpole
Drop Dead, Gorgeous
- Anne Rooney Refugee Boy
- Benjamin Zephaniah
Everybody Jam
- Ali Lewis River Boy -
Tim Bowler
Fast Cars, Fast Drivers
- Keith West The Boy on the Porch
- Sharon Creech
Gangs of Brighton
- Paul Blum The Declaration
- Gemma Malley
Louis Sachar The Demon Headmaster -
Gillian Cross
Hollow Earth -
John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman The Gambling Habit
- Pete Guppy
- Tommy Donbavand The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster
- Gillian Cross
- Dee Phillips The Unfinished Angel
- Sharon Creech
Kensuke’s Kingdom -
Michael Morpurgo Unsolved Mysteries
- Keith West
Liar and Spy
- Rebecca Stead War Horse
- Michael Morpurgo