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Careers Convention- 8th November

Dear Parent/ Carer,

Please find below a “Save the Date” for our upcoming annual Careers Convention.

A range of educational establishments, training providers and individual employers have already accepted an invitation to attend this careers event. This is an ideal opportunity for you and your child to come along and find out more about their chosen career path. Contributors will be able to advise in terms of entry requirements to University or College courses, as well as subject choices for Modern Apprenticeships and World of Work careers. This is always a well- attended event, and we expect this year to be no different.

After the October break, your child will be issued with a letter, detailing a range of talks/workshops which will share information/advice on the transition into the senior phase and a range of other career-based opportunities.

We hope that you will be able to attend this worthwhile careers event. Further details will be issued after the October Break.


Skylab Aeronautics Workshop

Earlier on in the session, The Skylab worked with nearly 200 pupils across S2 and S3. The purpose of this workshop was to demonstrate the “Science of Flight” to pupils and allow them to make their own model planes. They were given tutorials in how to fly these planes and learned some of the facts surrounding the science which makes flight possible. This was also beneficial in raising the profile of STEM based careers within the school. Representatives from The Skylab commented on the level of engagement from pupils involved and as seen in the pictures, pupils seemed to enjoy flying their planes.



Business Breakfast 2018

Another successful networking opportunity was held within the school at the beginning of September. Much like previous year, the Business Breakfast was supported by a range of partners. This provided pupils with an opportunity to develop their communication skills and also learn more about their desired occupations. Employers were impressed by the high quality conversations and the overall confidence of the senior pupils involved. Special thanks again to the many employers for volunteering their valuable time to supporting our event. New Age Fitness, Asda, Aldi, Tiger Ltd and EkGTA, just some of those who were able to attend.


Pink Day 2018

This Friday (12th) the school will be celebrating Pink Day in aid of Breast Cancer UK. Mr Sives has very kindly given us permission to have a non-uniform day. However, you must make an effort to wear something (or everything) pink (or red). You will also be asked to make a donation of at least £1 although you can donate more if you wish.

You should give your donation to your Period 1 teacher on Friday.

EMA Payment Schedule 2018-2019

The payment schedule shows the dates that EMA payments should reach pupils’ bank accounts and which weeks are covered by those payments. The full schedule can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please note;

  • Pupils will not start to receive payments until their application has been processed and they have received an acceptance letter from South Lanarkshire Council. (Application forms are available in the school office)
  • All S5/6 pupils should have completed a learning contract the induction days in May/June, which also acts as their EMA learning agreement.
  • Please note that pupils will not receive an EMA payment for a week in which they have an unexplained absence or an unacceptable number of lates. If a pupil is absent for more than a week please submit a medical certificate or doctor’s letter to their Pupil Support teacher.
  • If there is an issue with any EMA payments, pupils have been asked to speak their Pupil Support teacher in the first instance, who will check attendance for the relevant weeks.

Outdoor Gym

Over the summer we had a 2 great new additions to our PE facilities, a dance studio and an outdoor gym. We understand that it’s important for pupils to know how to use the outdoor equipment correctly, so we’ve put together a playlist of instructional videos explaining how to use each piece of equipment. Pupils will also be shown this as part of their PE lessons over the coming weeks.