S1-S3 Year Group Google Classrooms

As school continues to share work and resources online,  we have been in touch with some pupils checking that they are ok and where necessary how to access the Google Classrooms.  As part of ensuring that we reach as many people as possible I have also  been  reallocating the invites to the S1-S3 Google Classrooms for those of you who may have “accidentally” hit “reject” instead of “accept.”  This has helped more of you access these Google Classrooms and the number of pupils in these classes has risen again!  Well done! In the next few weeks we will be using them to share important information.  So please add yourself to these classes if you can.

You can also take part in Mr McGowan’s Weekly Kahoot Quiz too.  You have until 8pm tonight to try your luck.  Thanks again to Mr McGowan for organising.  The Codes are in the main Year Group Google Classes for S1-S3 and S4-S6.

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Change of Pupil Options

This message is for th​ose pupils considering a change to their subject choices for the new session.

For the majority of pupils, this message will have little bearing as each pupil’s subject choices are already entered and his/her classes assigned as requested.  However, it is quite common that in the period between January-March when pupils make their initial choices and the start of the school’s normal timetable changeover in May that some pupils want to change their subject choices.  Pupils would visit me routinely and explain their change of mind and how this affects their post school pathway.  If possible, I then try to accomodate these requests within the constraints of the whole school timetable.

This year the challenges faced in having these discussions and making these changes are more problematic. Being able to accommodate these changes and go through the logistical processes to reflect them in new on-line classes AND ensuring that this is operationally viable for when school restarts makes this an endlessly complicated undertaking for a school of our size.  Accordingly, I now have both a backlog of requests and the difficulty of doing this remotely with pieces of the jigsaw missing and crucial conversations still unspoken. 

At the moment, I am in the process of working out the logistics of the whole school timetable and, as would normally be the case, I cannot change anybody’s subject choices until I can work out what classes will run, alongside where and when they can fit on the timetable.  Once this is complete I would normally restart recoursing discussions with pupils and, as normal, I will do the same, albeit that this year will take longer to do so. I thank you in advance for your patience in this regard to allow me to complete this important work.

We are all facing new and different challenges and I am striving to keep broadly in line with our previous calendar commitments in this regard.

Hope you are all well and managing to stay safe.

Kind regards,

Colin MacLeod
Depute Head Teacher

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Home Learning Schedule

On Thursday the Head Teacher’s April Update explained that there would be a Home Learning Schedule shared fortnightly on a Sunday.  This will be shared here:

Link to a PowerPoint – new smaller version attached.

as well as on the S1 and S2 Google Classrooms and is intended for use by all mainstream pupils.  Supported Learning Department pupils should continue to follow their individualised schedule of work.

Along with this document, there will be a pupil logbook for pupils to fill in as you complete your work.

updated with a smaller file size – 28/4/20 to a Microsoft Word Document – Download this file to complete it and send it to your year head.


This should provide more guidance and help families know what tasks should be undertaken in any two-week period.  You will also see the days, during the two weeks, that each subject will be posting work into their classrooms.

Pupils will continue to be asked to login to their teacher’s google classroom on the correct day and you will get access to the work. Pupils will also receive feedback from their teacher there too.

Once pupils have completed their work and recorded their progress.  They are asked to submit their progress and comments in their completed logbook to their Year Head through their Year Group Google Classroom.

We are hoping to share some of the best examples of the completed logbooks and to let everyone see how well you are all doing.

A pupil version of this message will be shared to pupil via their S1 and S2 Google Classrooms.

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Kahoot Quiz Winners

Well done to our winners!  And a big thanks again to Mr McGowan.

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April Update

Please find attached our latest parental letter providing a range of updates including information regarding support for homeworking and information from the Pupil Support team.

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Kahoot Quizzes – Wednesday 22nd April

Welcome back… following the success of the Kahoot Quizzes before the Spring Break, Mr McGowan has organised some more for S1-S3, S4-S6 and all staff.  The Kahoot Codes will be made available from around about 3.30pm tomorrow and you’ll have a few hours to take part.  We’ll then communicate the winners in due course…  No cheating! (S4-S6!!!) we can tell!

Quiz codes will be shared in the Year Group Google Classrooms tomorrow afternoon.

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PPE Shortages

Over the last three weeks, The Design Faculty have been responding to the national shortage of PPE equipment for frontline workers during the current pandemic.

We have been laser cutting and creating visors which are currently with NHS and South Lanarkshire Procurement for distribution.

As of today, 1670 visors have been produced and will be distributed to those most in need of protection during this crisis. We will be continuing to work on this project and utilise the donations made over the last week.

If you are able to donate any acrylic (minimum 3mm thickness, other plastics may be suitable) then please contact Miss Kelly via the school office using the link below:


There are many people, companies and small businesses who have assisted us with this project. This has included cutting plastic we were unable to laser cut, collecting plastic from various locations, as well as supplying us with plastic or sourcing us additional materials. Without this assistance we would not be at the total we currently are- so, THANK YOU!!


CLC-Online, Linlithgow

Wooden Touch Joinery, Motherwell

Insulam Ltd, East Kilbride

Grissan Carrick Ltd

Argyle Signs, Hamilton

ScottRuss, Glasgow

Tufnol, East Kilbride

George Taylor & Co, Hamilton

HGS parents

HGS Parent Council

PC O’ Brien

St John the Baptist Primary School, Uddingston

Craigmarloch School, Port Glasgow

St. Mungo’s High School, Falkirk

Anonymous Donation of Plastic

Milne Management Ltd

Hurry Bros, Glasgow

Marlborough Marble Ltd, Glasgow

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Young Enterprise Lanarkshire Winners 2020

During the Easter Break, we received the amazing news that Hamilton Grammar’s Young Enterprise Team, Revitalise, have won the Lanarkshire Regional “Company of the Year” Award 2020.

Miss Burrell’s team of S5/6 pupils have worked exceptionally hard this session with their main product being reusable, personalised water bottles. The team set up their own website to manage the high volume of orders and took part in charity events to raise the profile of their company, whilst contributing positively to the ethos of the wider community. A Special thanks must go to Eliot Jordan, from South Lanarkshire Council who supported the team throughout the process as their Business Advisor.

Competing in the virtual Lanarkshire finals, not only did Revitalise win Company of the Year, they were also awarded Best Presentation, Best Company Report and The Innovation and Creativity Award. A massive achievement for the whole team!

Revitalise will now prepare to compete in the virtual Scottish National Finals on June 2nd. We wish Revitalise all the very best for this forthcoming National competition!                Well done to all involved!


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Some advice from Gary Tank Commander

Attention all Pupil, Parents/Carers and Staff. Please see the message from Gary Tank Commander.


A Message from Gary: Tank Commander

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Kahoot Winners

Congratulations to our Kahoot Winners from last night’s General Knowledge Quiz.

The winners were:

  • S1-S3 – Kaci Rankin
  • S4-S6 – Nathan Lawie
  • Staff – ??? Check your email – It could be you!!!

Also, a big thanks to Mr McGowan for organisting these quizzes.  He has also confirmed that he is happy to run future Kahoot Quizzes following the Spring Break.

Well done to everyone for taking part.

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