Twitter Accounts

Our official twitter account for information is @OfficialHGS.

We also have twitter accounts from a range of faculties and initiatives across the school. These accounts provide regular updates and opportunities within specific faculties.

We would appreciate your support in following these accounts.

@TripHGS – The official account for trip updates.

@hgs_dyw – Sharing opportunities for developing our young workforce.

@hgs_study – Study tips and techniques.

@performartsHGS – All things Performing Arts.

@maths_hgs – Updates from our Maths faculty.

@STEM_hgs – Updates from all STEM subjects.

@ScienceHGS – Updates from our Science faculty.

@hgs_art – All things Art & Design faculty.

@socsubsHGS – Updates from our Social Subjects faculty.

@homeechgs – Updates from our Home Economics department.

@hgs_ict – All updates from the ICT faculty.

@PEHGS – Updates from our PE department.

@MVPHGS – Updates from our MVP team.

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