NHS Opportunities…

We have received information on the following opportunities which will be advertised soon with the NHS….

  • Life Sciences – Modern Apprentice Biomedical Support Workers (Medical Laboratory Assistants)


  • Engineering  (Electronic Engineering) – Modern Apprentice Clinical Technologists (Medical and Clinical Physics)


  • Procurement – Modern Apprentice Procurement Assistants (Commodities)


  • Pharmacy Services – Modern Apprentice Pharmacy Technicians


  • Dental Nursing – Modern Apprentice Trainee Dental Nurses


  • Business Administration – Modern Apprentice Administrative Assistants and Clerical Officers


This list is not yet complete and other opportunities may be added as the year progresses.

In addition they will also be working with a number of partners to deliver pre employment training programmes for Health Care Support Workers (Nursing Assistant/Auxiliary Nurses) and Support Services (Domestic Staff) in various locations.

All of these opportunities will  go live and will be advertised on their Webpages – www.nhsggc.org.uk/MA



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