Change of Pupil Options

This message is for th​ose pupils considering a change to their subject choices for the new session.

For the majority of pupils, this message will have little bearing as each pupil’s subject choices are already entered and his/her classes assigned as requested.  However, it is quite common that in the period between January-March when pupils make their initial choices and the start of the school’s normal timetable changeover in May that some pupils want to change their subject choices.  Pupils would visit me routinely and explain their change of mind and how this affects their post school pathway.  If possible, I then try to accomodate these requests within the constraints of the whole school timetable.

This year the challenges faced in having these discussions and making these changes are more problematic. Being able to accommodate these changes and go through the logistical processes to reflect them in new on-line classes AND ensuring that this is operationally viable for when school restarts makes this an endlessly complicated undertaking for a school of our size.  Accordingly, I now have both a backlog of requests and the difficulty of doing this remotely with pieces of the jigsaw missing and crucial conversations still unspoken. 

At the moment, I am in the process of working out the logistics of the whole school timetable and, as would normally be the case, I cannot change anybody’s subject choices until I can work out what classes will run, alongside where and when they can fit on the timetable.  Once this is complete I would normally restart recoursing discussions with pupils and, as normal, I will do the same, albeit that this year will take longer to do so. I thank you in advance for your patience in this regard to allow me to complete this important work.

We are all facing new and different challenges and I am striving to keep broadly in line with our previous calendar commitments in this regard.

Hope you are all well and managing to stay safe.

Kind regards,

Colin MacLeod
Depute Head Teacher

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