S1-S3 Year Group Google Classrooms

As school continues to share work and resources online,  we have been in touch with some pupils checking that they are ok and where necessary how to access the Google Classrooms.  As part of ensuring that we reach as many people as possible I have also  been  reallocating the invites to the S1-S3 Google Classrooms for those of you who may have “accidentally” hit “reject” instead of “accept.”  This has helped more of you access these Google Classrooms and the number of pupils in these classes has risen again!  Well done! In the next few weeks we will be using them to share important information.  So please add yourself to these classes if you can.

You can also take part in Mr McGowan’s Weekly Kahoot Quiz too.  You have until 8pm tonight to try your luck.  Thanks again to Mr McGowan for organising.  The Codes are in the main Year Group Google Classes for S1-S3 and S4-S6.

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