Practical Mindset – MHW Online Support Sessions

The wellbeing of our school community has always been paramount at Hamilton Grammar School. To offer support to our young people and their families we are working in partnership with Jill Trevena and her team at Practical Mindset Ltd.  Jill is a registered Occupational Therapist and works with her colleagues to support young people and their families, in the Lanarkshire area, who may be facing difficulties with their Physical and Mental Health & Wellbeing. Jill and her team apply practical approaches to promote positive mental wellbeing with the aim of proactive self-management.

At Hamilton Grammar, we are committed to providing wellbeing support for our pupils, parents and staff. We understand that during these uncertain times, that it is more important than ever to ensure that we provide ongoing wellbeing support to our school community.

Pupils, parents and carers will be able to access 6 recorded online ‘Practical Mindset’ sessions via our ‘HGS Mental Health Matters (S1-S3) and (S4-S6) Google Classrooms. Class joining codes will be posted on each Year Group general Google Classroom page. Pupils will also be able to access various resources to support their MHW within this area.

Welcome from Jill Trevena

The 6 Practical Mindset MHW Sessions and the dates on which they will be available are as follows:

Session 1 – Self-talk and how our mind works  Immediately
Session 2 – Dealing with your Emotions Monday 6th July 2020
Session 3 – Stress Management Part 1 Monday 13th July 2020
Session 4 – Stress Management Part 2 Monday 20th July 2020
Session 5 – Nurturing Positivity Monday 27th July 2020
Session 6 – Hopes, Dreams and Goals Monday 3rd August 2020

** The Practical Mindset reflection logbook and summary sheets are available immediately along with other recommended supports. All sessions can be revisited and accessed at any point throughout the year. **

Pupils are encouraged to complete and discuss these sessions, along with their parents or carers, and use the logbooks to reflect and evaluate their mood and stress levels.

Jill will also be available via her social media platforms for questions from both pupils and parents or carers. To contact Jill, please visit her website for further information.

Jill and the Practical Mindset team support various local school communities and have always received positive feedback from pupils, parents and carers and schools she has worked with.  We are delighted that we are able to work in partnership with Jill and her team to provide MHW supports for our HGS school community.

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