Cost of the School Day

In the current climate access to financial advice and support was never more pressing. Families in Scotland are under increasing financial pressure; almost one in four children struggle to meet the costs associated with sending children to school.  Addressing the Cost of the School Day can remove barriers to participation and allow equal access to education for all and schools across Scotland are taking action to remove cost barriers for children and young people.

Cost of the School Day addresses funding advice for: uniform, transport, learning equipment at home, food in and out of school and pandemic aside events.  At Hamilton Grammar School our objective is to get it right for every child, for our young people to have access to the full school experience and to take advantage of financial supports that they may be entitled too.

All Cost of the School Day information can be accessed from the “Cost of the School Day” option at the top of our website as well as at the following link: Cost of the School Day

Please keep abreast of all updates as we endeavour to support pupils and parents within Hamilton Grammar’s learning community.

Angela Scaramuzzi

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