Pupils Unable to Attend School

Dear Parent / Guardian,

We are pleased to be working with e-Sgoil (commissioned by Education Scotland) who offer a virtual timetabled programme of cross-curricular learning for BGE (S1-S3) pupils who are unable to attend their school for various reasons.   This means that your son/daughter will have a structured online timetabled learning experience with the support of a class teacher.  Alongside this your child’s teacher in HGS will provide subject specific work activities on Google Classroom.

Lessons with e-Sgoil will be delivered remotely to pupils in their homes, via a safe, two-way video conference platform, using Microsoft Teams within Glow. The work provided by HGS staff is also available through Google Classroom on Glow.  Support and feedback from teachers is done through the email and messaging facilities within the Google platform.  Parents will receive a weekly email update when work is posted.

Please note that the programme available from e-Sgoil is not a substitute for the assignments and work activities which are posted by HGS teachers, for pupils, on Google Classroom.   The directed course materials published by HGS teachers should always be completed by pupils and the programme available through e-Sgoil should be used to supplement the pupils’ learning. In both programmes your child will have the support of a class teacher.

Please refer to the welcome letter (with video for instructions), from e-Sgoil. This will give you further information on the programme and may help address any queries you may have in relation to accessing this service. Welcome to e-Sgoil letter

In order to participate in e-Sgoil, pupils will require the following:

  • Their Glow account login details (if unknown contact gw14goldieamanda@glow.sch.uk)
  • Access at home to suitable hardware (a PC, laptop or tablet with a microphone & camera and – if possible – a headset)
  • A suitable place to work and a stable broadband connection

Support will also be available for pupils and parents/guardians from e-Sgoil on accessing the virtual programme.

Should you require any further information, enrol your child or support in relation to these matters please contact Miss Brien, gw08brienaudrey@glow.sch.uk

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