Change to On-line Learning Model in the Broad General Education

You will now be aware that the Scottish Government have extended our period of Remote Learning until Monday 15th February. With this in mind we will be making a change to the online learning model that is currently running for our S1 – S3 pupils. 

The Learning Schedule, which identifies the day of the week that each subject uploads their work, will remain in place. Pupils and parents alike have told us that having the work spread out across the whole week is very helpful and allows pupils to manage their time. 

The feedback from our live PSE lessons last week was amazing. Staff found the pupils to be more than willing to join in on Google Meet and share how they found week one of the lockdown. We have therefore decided to extend the use of Google Meet within our Broad General Education (BGE). 

From Monday 25th January all S1 – S3 pupils will have the opportunity to participate in live check-in sessions with their class teachers. These sessions, lasting for around 15 mins, will take place during one of the periods in the week when the pupils would normally have each of their subjects and will provide an opportunity for live Q and A / trouble-shooting. 

Once the Google Meet time for a class has been arranged, it will become the regular time for that class, so everyone will know when they need to join in. The learning Schedule within each Year Group Google Classroom has been updated to show the subjects that will be posting work and those who will be hosting live check-ins over the next week. 

The engagement over the last week and a half has been tremendous, and we believe that taking this next step towards live lessons can only encourage pupil participation further. 

To support everyone with the digital interface we have already added an ‘Online Learning’ tab within the banner of our website. It is our intention to continue to add key information, help sheets and videos over the coming weeks. Nevertheless if you still encounter issues, please contact your child’s Year Head or Pupil Support Teacher and they will endeavour to find a solution.

 Mrs Goring, Miss Brien, Mr Fullarton and Mrs Cassidy

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