Changes to the BGE Remote Learning Model

With the news on Tuesday that S1-S3 pupils are expected to remain with Remote Learning until the Easter Holiday, we have reviewed our current BGE Remote Learning Model.

As of Monday 1st March, all S1 – S3 pupils will have their live check-ins replaced by a Live Lesson, for each of their subjects. These lessons will last up to 45 minutes depending on the subject and will allow teachers to progress pupil learning. For this reason, unlike the check-ins, attendance at Live Lessons is mandatory.

To manage the workload for pupils, and hopefully reduce the pressure on ICT devices at home, we have developed a rota for S1 and S2 pupils which will allow one live lesson for each subject over a two-week period. Pupils should also have no more than two Live Lessons on any day of the week.

The S1 and S2 rotas shown below, will allow you to establish which subjects your son/daughter has at what time. Our usual pupil friendly Learning Schedule will be posted today on the Year Group Google Classrooms, along with a template to allow pupils to record the times of their live lessons.

S3 pupils have individual timetables therefore their Live Lessons are not able to be spread evenly across the week however they will remain on the same day, and close to the same time, as their current live check-ins. As with the rest of the BGE, S3 Live Lessons will be spread over a two-week period to help manage workload.

All teachers will post the date, day and time of their Live Lesson at noon today , allowing time for both parents and pupils to review any changes to the learning schedule for next week.

It is important to state that the changes listed above involve the hosting of lessons by teachers. The posting of work, through the Google classrooms will continue as normal for the whole BGE. This information can be found on the Learning Schedules, posted on the Year Group Google Classrooms (slide 2).

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to email Mrs Goring/Miss Brien, Mr Fullarton or Mrs Cassidy.

BGE Progression Rotas

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