Money Matters Financial Advice

Financial support from South Lanarkshire’s Welfare Rights Officer David Harkness from Money Matters Advice Service

Working in partnership with Hamilton Grammar School, David Harkness has created a presentation which is an overview of the all the different benefits that you or your child may be entitled to claim for.

There are 3 sections:

  • Cost of the School Day
  • Disability & Carers Benefits
  • Support Benefits for families

If you find this presentation helpful but have additional questions please email me: – Equity Officer Cost of the School Day

In addition, if you need further assistance applying for any of the benefits listed, please contact Money Matters: quoting Hamilton Grammar School as a reference; please call 0303 123 1008(option 2 then select local office) or you can email:

These videos can be viewed from the Cost of The School Day Menu above.

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