Our History department believes that the study of history enables our pupils to appreciate the past and the impact it has made on today’s society. Importantly, our pupils are given the opportunity to freely research and discuss issues such as racial discrimination, the impact of war, the growth of the welfare state, the growth of democracy and nationalism. A variety of classroom experiences encourages our pupils to develop a sense of empathy with our ancestors.

Our belief in active History dictates that our pupils learning experiences are not confined to the classroom. As a result, our educational visits include:

  • Our S1 trip to Bannockburn concludes their study of the Scottish Wars of Independence.
  • The Scottish Mining Museum and Beamish Open Air Museum help bring to life 19th century social conditions for our S3 pupils.
  • Our S4/5 World War 1 Battlefields tour to France and Belgium focus on the brutality and futility of war.

Courses on offer:

  • S1/2/3 CfE Broad General Education
  • National 4 History
  • National 5 History
  • Higher History
  • Advanced Higher History

Staff members:

  • Miss E Higgins
  • Mrs J Magee
  • Ms K Mavor
  • Ms G Shevlin
  • Mr C Winn