Microsoft Office

South Lanarkshire pupils, via their Glow account, now have access to Office 2016 to download and install on 5 computers at home. They can also activate the Microsoft Office apps on their iPad/android tablet. This will provide integration to the Glow “OneDrive for Business” 1TB of cloud storage.

Pupils can install Office on personally owned devices. This will make it easy for every pupil to access the latest version of Office on up to five devices providing both a consistency when learning at home and reinforcing 21st century skills through the use of ICT. The combination of Office 365 and ProPlus will provide pupils with another powerful set of learning tools that they can use to learn anytime, anywhere.

Office 365 ProPlus can only be downloaded from within the Office 365 component of Glow and therefore pupils will need to know their Glow account credentials in order to access it. This information is being e-mailed to their school e-mail addresses over the coming weeks which they can now access from home via this link.

The license to use this service will be rescinded when they leave school and their Glow account is disabled or deleted.

Technical support for this service on personal devices is available online from and not from South Lanarkshire Council or Hamilton Grammar School. A number of support videos have been created and are on the school Vimeo page.